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"Social Media Tribe" (The DIY Version of the Instagram Accelerator) is a straight forward guide based on the literal check-list I used every day to build my Social Media accounts and Online Businesses at optimal growth and progress.  What inspired me to turn it into a Guide was when one of my clients asked if he could buy my check-list from me for $500, so I promptly began turning the check-list into a very well explained and thought out educational guide with additional methods I learned from multiple $1,000 courses.  From this, "Social Media Tribe" was created, the very concise, streamlined guide that even I myself read daily to be sure I don't get lazy or forgetful and do everything daily necessary to optimize my pages and businesses.

Quickly after that, I started having businesses pay me $997 a month to grow their Instagram presence (a very popular service I still sell, called the Instagram Accelerator), using only the practices from this guide to do it, and then they'd pay again, month after month, to have me continue to grow their Instagram income.

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Great guide!

I liked it

Everything it said it would be

It was definitely everything it was said to be, I'm very happy i bought it! I only give 4 stars because it was advertised as a book and I'd consider it more of a daily guide

Very practical

I am an owner of an accounting company and know a fair share about online business, however this guide definitely helped improve my business. Being in experienced with some of the terms used, I asked iblis what they meant and he seemed happy to take time to call me and explain them to me while giving me lot's of free advice i didn't even ask for haha. I'm not really concerned about growing my page so I can't really judge it well it that respect, but using this as a daily guide definitely has helped me structure how i run my online presence and convert more leads in clients. Buying this has made me extra money as well as trained me on how to innovate my social media, saving me thousands of dollars on management costs.

Clark, CPA